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five things that never happened and one that never should have (Cordelia/Doyle fanfic)



He kisses you in front of the office, quick and gentle and apologetic. “I was going to do the whole, walk you to your doorstep, goodnight kiss, thing,” he blushes a bit. “but…”

You grin at him. “But we should have known better than to have a night off for a date without Angel needing us to help with something demon-y?”

"Probably should have, yeah."

Turning away from him with a flip of your hair, you open the office door, then turn back to him. “Maybe we’ll have better luck next time.”

Doyle barely has time to repeat a pleased, next time, before you pull him forward to properly kiss him.

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Anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Cordy and Cordelia/Angel? I'm a big fan of both (though I basically like to completely disregard season four of Angel ew ew ew) and would love to hear your thoughts! Please, please tell me everything! :) P.S What are your thoughts on how Joss Whedon treated Charisma Carpenter regarding her pregnancy?


*BTVS/ATS spoiler warning*

I love Cordy and Angel, I believe that they were both very good for each other

and yeah i was a big Bangel shipper during the era of Bangel :P but the characters all developed so much that it doesnt make it hard to multiship

but yeah its hard because of the way it kinda got screwed over before truly happening

*Adele voice* “we could have had it AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL”

and what season 4? i don’t remember a season 4 shh go with it

My thoughts on the whole Joss/Charisma issue aren’t too complicated - i wasn’t aware of it at the time and it was something i heard about later and basically all i heard from it was that Charisma got pregnant, which you know women tend to do

and then Cordy kind of got screwed over by the writing

and then apparently Joss wanted SMG back for the 100th episode but she didn’t do it so he got Charisma back and she signed her contract for the episode on the condition that she wouldnt get killed off

and then……… well you know

so yeah as much as I love Joss, from what I know of the whole thing it seemed like a pretty shitty move on his part

but obviously I don’t know the full story so who knows the full extent of it all?????? (also idek if what i’ve just said is 100% accurate so correct me if im wrong!)

but apparently they have made up now so here’s hoping they resolved it at some point :)


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